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ValueLasting Value

An Investment in Longevity

A quality metal roof is built to last. It’s common to see properly installed metal roofs last 30 to 50+ years or more. With the ability to repaint rather than replace, and the lower maintenance costs, your new metal roof may even increase the overall value of your home.


A Style for Every Home

The market today for residential metal roofs is vast. Multitudes of colors, styles and types are available. You can use a metal roof to make a bold architectuarl statement or to seamlessly compliementy any home style.


Toughness that Lasts

Metal roofing is able to withstand the toughest conditions from Mother Nature. You will find beautiful and functional metal roofing all across the world, in varied conditions such as extremes in temperature, winds, hail and even fire prone areas - all the while requiring minimal maintenance.


Eco-friendly Roofing

The enviromental footprint of your roof is often overlooked, but in a more climate concious time it's a great opportunity for metal to shine! Metal roofing is the most enviromentally friendly and sustainable roofing product available. 100% of a metal roof is recycleable, and with an often less involved installation, can save significant old roofing waste from entering landfills.

EfficiencyEnergy Efficiency

Save Energy and Money

Did you know that metal roofing can save you up to 40% on your annual energy costs? With various types of solar coating available, the technology that is going into making your metal roof is very exciting. Helping to minimize heat buildup, and reduce air conditioning costs, the future of roofing is metal.