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Benefits of Getting A New Roof

Roof replacement is one of the many things that homeowners can do to substantially increase the value in their home. There are many reasons why a roof replacement is better than just a temporary repair. The list below will highlight the top benefits of getting a new roof.

Roof Replacement Is A Good Investment

For homeowners that are looking to sell their property in the long run, having a roof upgrade will raise the value of the house. The Return of Investment is said to be ranging from 67% to 70%, thus the initial cost spent is well worth it. House hunters are aware that a house that soon needs a new roof are not to be considered for purchasing, so if you are a home seller, take advantage of making your roof your highest selling point. Also, by installing a new roof, a homeowner gets to save money by avoiding the increasing prices of repairs which is most likely to occur every so often if what you need is a total roof overhaul.

Health Benefits of a New Roof?

These elements of the nature are the usual reason for roof damages on a house. Strong winds can break or even blow off slabs of shingles. If this happens moisture can creep in and damage the roof. When a rain hits hard it causes your roof to be weak and shorten its lifespan. While Snow or Ice is the fiercest of these three because once ice thaws within the shingles, moisture and water can seep through and damage the interior and exterior of your house.

Energy Savings

Aside from the fact that having a new roof saves you money by adding value to your property and it avoids repairs, getting one also saves you money on your monthly energy bill. Old and damaged roof will cause your HVAC system to work harder to provide your desired room temperature within the house making your electricity bill shoots up, but if you get a new roof, your HVAC system will work efficiently resulting to lower energy bills.


Old and dilapidated roof is a risk to your family’s safety. Aged roof can collapse anytime, cause some parts of your house to be unstable, and may potentially expose the interior from elements because of its failure to provide protection due to weakening over time. The well-being and safety of your protection is very important and installing a new roof will prevent unwanted injuries.

Curb Appeal

A house with a tattered or falling apart roof, curling or missing shingles, is an eye sore to the neighborhood and may cause embarrassment to the whole family and getting a new roof will change that to making your house one of the most appealing in the neighborhood which will boost the confidence of the household. A simple change in the color of your shingles or pattern will go a long way in giving your house a brand new personality.